AALIVE: Helsinki

September 7th-9th, 2018

Unity, n: the state of being united or joined as a whole

What is it?

AALIVE Helsinki is a three-day convention for English- and Finnish-speaking members of Alcoholics Anonymous and for everybody, who are interested in alcoholism. In the convention we can share our experience, strength and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem.

Who is welcome at AALIVE Helsinki?

The convention is open to anyone with a desire to stop drinking and who wants to enjoy time with new friends in recovery. Our speakers and members will be encouraged to share in their own language, but translation will always be provided.

Do you have a theme?

Yes! Our main program theme is Easy as 1, 2, 3. We will focus on Steps 1, 2, and 3 from the Big Book—our common problem and our common solution.

Aside from the program theme, we also want to make a space for people to have fun and make friends. We'll provide a space for people to talk, drink coffee, and hang out.

Where is it exactly?

The conference will be held in a cozy villa near the coast in Vuosaari.

Villa Lill Kalvik
Juhannusruusunkuja 5
00980 Helsinki

How much does it cost?

Voluntary registration fee is 10 euros, paid in cash at the door. You are free to pay any other amount you find comfortable.

What else do I need to know?


We will provide a dinner on Friday and Saturday, which are included in the registration fee. Lunches will be eaten outside Villa, in the nearby restaurants. Those are not included.

In the mornings we’ll have coffee and bread for you, as well as coffee and pastries during breaks.


The nearest hotels are:

Quite close is also Helsinki's only camping site:

There are naturally many more hotels in Helsinki

You can also rent a room or an apartment from AirBnB


The easiest way to get to convention site is by subway. There are many stations in central Helsinki and also in Espoo. Pick a metro train, which is going to Vuosaari. When you get out of the metro, walk through Valkopaadentie exit and turn right. Walk straight to south and eventually you will come to a park. The Villa is located in center of that park. Distance from metro station is around 700 meters.

There is also bus nr. 90 going from Vuosaari metro to Villa. Reittiopas

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer!

"Where there is unity, there is always victory."


Friday, September 7th

Start End Ballroom Kitchen
17.00 20.30 Registration Coffee & Cookies
18.00 19.30 Welcome: Meeting Coffee & Cookies
19.30 20.30 Dinner / Buffet Dinner / Buffet
21.00 Late Night Meeting

Saturday, September 8th

Start End Ballroom Kitchen
10.00 10.30 Registration Coffee & Sandwich
10.30 11.00 Mediatation
11.00 12.30 Meeting: Step 1 Fellowship
12.30 14.00 Lunch Lunch
14.00 15.30 Meeting: Step 2 Fellowship
15.30 16.00 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16.00 17.30 Meeting: Step 3 Fellowship
17.30 18.00 Break Break
18.00 21.00 BBQ Dinner & Music BBQ Dinner & Music

Sunday, September 9th

Start End Ballroom Kitchen
10.30 11.00 Meditation Coffee & Sandwich
11.00 12.30 Meeting: Acceptance Fellowship
12.30 14.00 Lunch Lunch
14.00 16.00 Meeting: Sponsoring Steps 1-3 Fellowship
16.00 17.00 Sobriety Countdown & Cake