In English

This August, the AALIVE convention will continue from where it left off last year!

AALIVE is a weekend with the focus on the 12 step program of recovery. During the weekend we will have everything a recovering heart needs: meetings, coffee, fellowship and more.*

The event will take place at Villa Lill Kalvik in Vuosaari, an eastern part of Helsinki. Address is Juhannusruusunkuja 5.

Last September, the AALIVE convention was arranged for the first time and its theme was the first three steps. This year we continue with steps 4 and 5.

The bilingual concept makes this convention special: Experience, Strength and Hope are shared in English and Finnish. To ensure that everybody understands, all main speakers will be translated simultaneously.

The AALIVE convention is organised by the AALIVE Convention committee, made up of individual members of AA in Helsinki.

We hope that you pre-register to the event by paying 10 euro fee using the link below. Please write down your AA name, the name of your home group and the town you are coming from. Most of the fields on the form are not mandatory. Give us the information you feel is necessary. If you have any problems with the payment, write to [email protected] .

With the pre-registration we can get an approximate number of people participating and also with the registration money we can make purchases for the convention. If your sobriety is less than one year, no fee is required.


If you want to be part of the committee, join us! We invite all AA and Al-Anon members to create a wonderful weekend together!